Anukriti Mehta

"School Journey is more beautiful and exiting than the destination"
Manan Vidya to a M.B.B.S student at RIMS. It all started in 2007 when I moved to Ranchi from my village, and also it was the same year when Manan Vidya opened its gate for the 1st time for the students to join and became a part of it. Being a kid, moving to a new place and joining a new school made me very nervous and insecure. And that feeling was multiplied when I came to know, I was the only girl in my class. It was 3rd standard. I don’t know how but none of the above feelings ever crossed me from 2nd day till I passed out from the school in 2015. The warmth, care and confidence given by teachers was second to none, and I can proudly say, this remains true till today. The best thing about Manan Vidya is, it treats its every student equally and provide them with ample opportunities to discover their potential and passion. As time went by, with the help of teachers I became one among the better students of school. I was encouraged to take part in all the major activities of school and my good performance ensured that I was also sent for various Inter school competition like Debate, Yoga ,Painting, Music and Quiz. I didn’t know then that there things would prove to be the base which is required to stand out in this competitive environment. The educational system and teachers of the school need a special mention. It was the quality of education which made sure that I didn’t need any private tuition till I passed out. I received 100% Attendance Award in class 10th. The Aura and like of the school was so comforting that I never wanted to miss even a single day at school. Although once I remember missing half day of school when I feel sick during recess. I was given immediate attention and was sent with a teacher to escort me till home. Besides such care and support discipline too is a pillar of the school. When it comes to discipline, teachers were the role model who set the standards of discipline to be maintained by students we were monitored continuously whether inside the classroom, playground, in assembly or in Laboratories. Like every journey has its ups and downs, I had my share of downs too. Since my early days at school it was my deepest wish to get that black batch i.e to become head  girl of the school and also to hold the school flag in my hand. But it was not in my fate and it also reminded me that I need to keep improving to accomplish all my dreams. It was a big lesson for me, which still keeps me motivated to be better than yesterday. I want to conclude by saying that I joined the school again as a kindle garden student I would not change even a single thing as it happened in the 1st time. As they say school life is golden life I can happily say Manan Vidya was really a golden experience for me.
Anukriti Mehta
M.B.B.S Student at RIMS
Ex. Student, 2014-15 Batch